Coccine antibakterijski dezinficirani antiseptički ulošci

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Sport is health! But what about the feet? During physical exertion such as running, for example, their load can increase up to tenfold. Destroyed shoe lining leads to foot pain, and heavy perspiration and swelling promote chafing. To ensure the comfort of feet in such extreme conditions, you need record-breaking solutions, that is Cocciné – an expert on difficult subjects.

The insole is made of latex foam with Saniranoj technology. This technology provides the insole with antifungalna i bakteriostatička svojstva. Cotton fabric cover. Perforated. Recommended for the use of rental sports equipment ( skates, ski boots, etc.) and for many hours of daily use of work or winter footwear, when it is not possible to provide a 24-hour break in the use of footwear to completely dry the interior. It is recommended to choose insoles one size larger to fully fill the interior of the footwear to avoid rolling. If the insole is too long/wide, it can be cut to the appropriate size.

Insoles come in double numbering: 35/36 37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46.


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